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Learn more about the James-Younger Gang! Our list contains books and newspaper articles depicting
the real stories.



Picture of BooksBackground of a Bandit – by Joan M. Beamis and William E. Pullen

A story of the ancestry of Jesse James.


Picture of BooksFaithful Unto Death – by John J. Koblas

The story of the ill-fated Northfield, Minnesota bank robbery.


Picture of BooksFrank and Jesse James – The Story Behind the Legend – by Ted Yeatman

A must read for anyone interested in the James-Younger Gang – Very well written and researched.


Picture of BooksGood Bye Jesse James

A collection of newspaper articles about the death of Jesse.


Picture of BooksGuerrillas & Other Curiosities – by Samuel A. Pence

A well written, interesting look into the lives of some of Quantrill’s men.


Picture of BooksI Knew Frank – I Wish I Had Known Jesse – by Samuel A. Pence

A wonderful collection of stories and pictures of the James family and their extended families.


Picture of BooksIn the Shadow of Jesse James – by Stella F. James

This is the story of her life as the daughter-in-law of Jesse James. Interesting family stories and pictures.


Picture of BooksJesse James My Father – by Jesse James Jr.

Jesse Jr. writes of his memories of his father and growing up as the son of a bandit.


Picture of BooksJesse James Prince of Outlaws – by Robert J. Wybrow

Extensively researched and well written collection of stories. An invaluable source of information for anyone interested in the James-Younger Gang.


Picture of BooksJesse James – the Man and the Myth – by Marley Brant

Another very well researched book by Marley Brant who offers the reader a lot of insight into Jesse’s personality.


Picture of BooksJesse James Soul Liberty – by Eric James

A well-written biography of the family of Frank & Jesse James.


Picture of BooksJesse James Was his Name – by William A. Settle Jr.

First published in 1966, this book is a well researched and written account of the James-Younger Gang.


Picture of BooksLast Rebel of the Civil War – by T.J. Stiles

Extensively researched, the author incorporates politics, the Civil War and the James-Younger Gang.


Picture of BooksOutlaw Youngers, A Confederate Brotherhood – by Marley Brant

A well-written and extensively researched story of the Younger brothers.


Picture of BooksOutlaws, The Illustrated History of the James-Younger Gang – by Marley Brant

A well-written account of the James-Younger Gang with many interesting pictures.


Picture of BooksThe Rise and Fall of Jesse James – by Robertus Love

Written in 1926, cites many stories of the James boys and attemps to separate fact from legend.


Picture of BooksTortured Soul: Jim Younger in his own words – by Marley Brant

Through the eyes of Jim Younger this book offers yet another view on the events.