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Learn more about the James-Younger Gang! Our list contains books and newspaper articles depicting
the real stories.



Picture of BooksBackground of a Bandit – by Joan M. Beamis and William E. Pullen

A story of the ancestry of Jesse James.


Picture of BooksCivil War in the Ozarks – by Phillip W. Steele and Steve Cottrell

A more detailed description of the battles in the Ozark region and Jesse James’ role.


Picture of BooksFaithful Unto Death – by John J. Koblas

The story of the ill-fated Northfield, Minnesota bank robbery.


Picture of BooksFrank and Jesse James – The Story Behind the Legend – by Ted Yeatman

A must read for anyone interested in the James-Younger Gang – Very well written and researched.


Picture of BooksGood Bye Jesse James

A collection of newspaper articles about the death of Jesse.


Picture of BooksGuerrillas & Other Curiosities – by Samuel A. Pence

A well written, interesting look into the lives of some of Quantrill’s men.


Picture of BooksI Knew Frank – I Wish I Had Known Jesse – by Samuel A. Pence

A wonderful collection of stories and pictures of the James family and their extended families.


Picture of BooksIn the Shadow of Jesse James – by Stella F. James

This is the story of her life as the daughter-in-law of Jesse James. Interesting family stories and pictures.


Picture of BooksJesse and Frank James – The Family History – by Phillip W. Steele

More on the family background, shedding some light on the persons related to Jesse and Frank.


Picture of BooksJesse James and the Civil War in Missouri – by Robert L. Dyer

A closer look at the historic events and young Jesse’s involvement.


Picture of BooksJesse James My Father – by Jesse James Jr.

Jesse Jr. writes of his memories of his father and growing up as the son of a bandit.


Picture of BooksJesse James Prince of Outlaws – by Robert J. Wybrow

Extensively researched and well written collection of stories. An invaluable source of information for anyone interested in the James-Younger Gang.


Picture of BooksJesse James – the Man and the Myth – by Marley Brant

Another very well researched book by Marley Brant who offers the reader a lot of insight into Jesse’s personality.


Picture of BooksJesse James Soul Liberty – by Eric James

A well-written biography of the family of Frank & Jesse James.


Picture of BooksJesse James Was his Name – by William A. Settle Jr.

First published in 1966, this book is a well researched and written account of the James-Younger Gang.


Picture of BooksJesse James Was My Neighbor – by Homer Croy

Homer Croy was born in 1883. Growing up in the vicinity of the James farm he had a chance to talk with many people about Jesse.


Picture of BooksLast Rebel of the Civil War – by T.J. Stiles

Extensively researched, the author incorporates politics, the Civil War and the James-Younger Gang.


Picture of BooksNoted Guerillas, or, the Warfare Of The Border – by John Newman Edwards

Edwards was a major in the Confederate Army and adjutant to General Shelby . Later he would write newspaper articles on Jesse James.


Picture of BooksOutlaw Youngers, A Confederate Brotherhood – by Marley Brant

A well-written and extensively researched story of the Younger brothers.


Picture of BooksOutlaws, The Illustrated History of the James-Younger Gang – by Marley Brant

A well-written account of the James-Younger Gang featuring many interesting photographs.


Picture of BooksThe Many Faces of Jesse James – by Phillip W. Steele with George Warfel

Authentic or not? The book explains George Warfel’s method to identify the real Jesse James in photographs and shows some of the widely circulated false pictures.


Picture of BooksThe Rise and Fall of Jesse James – by by Robertus Love

Written in 1926, cites many stories of the James boys and attemps to separate fact from legend.


Picture of BooksTortured Soul: Jim Younger in his own words – by Marley Brant

Through the eyes of Jim Younger this book offers yet another view on the events.