Photo of House on James Farm

1993 – 2022

In the Beginning

The idea for a re-organized James-Younger Gang came to life at a NOLA (National Outlaw and Lawman Association) meeting in 1992. The James-Younger Gang began in 1993 with just six members.  Our first President and founder of the group was, author and historian, Phillip Steele.  The idea was for an international group that allowed serious historians, authors, family members and history buffs to get together in an effort to preserve the history of the James-Younger Gang, their Civil War guerrilla associates and the history of the era they lived in.

The club thrived for twenty-five years then slowly our membership numbers began to decline.  When the pandemic started our annual meetings were cancelled and replaced with virtual meetings online.

Finally in 2022, the officers and board members voted to dissolve the club.  On December 31, 2022, the James-Younger Gang (1993) disbanded.


the only remnant of the club which remains is the Gang’s website.  The site is maintained by two of the directors of the original club who wish to keep the club’s memories alive.